Public Liability Insurance & PAT tested.
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Venues require Public Liability Insurance & PAT Safety Certificates from all external entertainers, we will produce these required documents to the venue before the date of your function.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not answered below, please use our contact page to send us your query.

Can we add the props / photo backdrops to our party?

Yes but only if they are still available and not already booked out for another function, the best time to book our extra services is at the time of your booking.

Our props and backdrops are specifically designed and made by an artist for SouthSound making them a one off.
An extra charge may be payable to add these to your evening, the extra amount will be explained to you and confirmed in writing.

Do you rent out just the equipment so we can plug in our phones for music


All of our discos are supplied with experienced DJ's who entertain and constantly work the floor to maximise your dance floor as well as many more things that smart phones are unable to do - We also cannot plug phones into our equipment to play songs from your device during functions.

How far in advance do we need to book you for our wedding?

The simple answer is as soon as possible, usually when you book your venue is best. We take a small deposit to book the date.

We usually get booked for weddings around 18 months - 2 years in advance.

Do we need to feed & supply drinks to the DJ?

This isn't vital but it's always very much appreciated.

A DJ at a wedding will usually load up their vehicle around 9am, travel to the venue and start setting up equipment around midday then are on their feet supplying music without any break for around 12 hours + until the party has long finished.

A soft drink or a meal on the go is always appreciated, usually the bar is 3 or 4 deep with people waiting so we are unable to queue at the bar to be served before the song that is playing has finished.

Can I submit my own playlist to you?

We advise that you keep your playlist to around 15 / 20 songs maximum as we like to ensure a fair balance of music and respond to requests made at your function.

Longer playlists prevent the DJ from using his skills & experience to get the most out of your party.

Please note:- We do not accept "Full Night Playlists", experience has proved that they do not work and an empty dance floor is quite often the result.

Do you do Karaoke?

Not any more.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic we no longer provide the karaoke service.

Are you insured?

Yes, SouthSound Disco are registered / insured within the UK.

A link is provided in the header for your convenience. If required, we will visit and show PLI & PAT Test certificates before the day of your function.

How much are you? Are there any hidden extras?

SouthSound have a set fee for parties starting at 7pm until midnight. We prefer that you contact us with the details of your function first so we can give you an accurate quotation.

Under normal circumstances, the only times we charge extra are:-

1) If the playing time is extended from what was agreed on the original contract then an extra hourly fee will be charged.

2) If the venue is located outside of the area we usually cover.

3) You have also requested extra services that we supply.

Contact us for price information via the contact page.

I'd like you to play a bit longer than we booked you for, is this a problem?

This is not a problem, although we do have to ensure the staff at the venue are happy for us to play on, they usually have strict licensing times to follow. If playing time is extended then an extra hourly fee will be payable.

How long do you require to set up?

Under normal circumstances we require about 60 minutes to set up our equipment, this may alter depending on the type of venue and access available to us.

How do I book you for my party?

Contact us either using the contact form on the 'Contact Us' page, a link can be found in the top right of your screen, or call us (phone numbers are provided on the contact page), let us know all the details of your party as explained on the contact form and we will reply as fast as we can with a quotation.

A booking form will be sent to you and the agreed date will be provisionally booked for 14 days.

Return the booking form back to us with a deposit within the 14 days and we will send you a confirmation / receipt.

If you wish to arrange a meeting to discuss your party then this is always easy to arrange and welcomed.

What music do you play?

We understand people have different tastes in music, every function is different, a wide selection of music is played during the evening to please everyone and we encourage requests.

You are welcome to submit a small playlist to us with songs / artists / music type you wish to include.

A large part of a DJ's job is to read the dance floor throughout the evening and change music as it's required to maintain the energy on the dance floor.

Do you take requests?

Requests are always encouraged and we aim to play as many of them as possible throughout the evening.

We know our customers will understand that some music is inappropriate for some functions, we occasionally get requests we have to refuse, for example songs that may cause offence.

How do I pay ?

Usually deposits are paid via BACS.

We accept cash in person, cheque, BACS & Card. Full instructions will be on the booking form that will be sent to you.

The remaining balance is to be paid at the beginning of the performance before the music starts if paying by cash, if you wish to settle the balance before the evening you are welcome to do so 7 days before your party, we accept BACS / Cheque / Card.
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